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Once in a while we write articles about how we do the things we do when we're having the most fun with our RC stuff. We like the idea of answering questions we get asked a lot and putting it out here for other RC folks to use. I hope some of our experience can pay off for others; save money, ease frustration, help people enjoy the hobby, and get more RC junkies truly hooked.

We also hope to hear from other hobbyists who have information to share. Are there questions you answer all the time? We'd love to have you write your best answer down and let us post it here for all to read and enjoy. If you have an article how to you'd like to share we'd feel privileged to receive it at articles@rcfunlab.com

McPx is a Flip

Recently I wrote a review of the Blade McPx helicopter where I shared some thoughts and my opinion of the little heli.  In the article McPx Flip or Flop I questioned weather or not I was going to like the new extreme 3D Ultra-Micro heli.  Sence I wrote the first review I have had more than 2 hours of stick time, enought time to get more aquainted with the little helicopter. I am a beginner 3D heli pilot so I would guess I crash on average about 6 times per battery and I just did my first major repair.  Getting used to a collective pitch heli has been easier than I thought.  I can now sucessfuly complete loops and short inverted hovers.  Without

In the last review I state all kinds of problems I had with... Click here to read the whole article


Ultra Micro Warbirds; Comparing the UM T-28, Mustang, Mosquito, and Corsair RC Airplanes

Standing in a hobby store in front of a wall of Ultra Micro planes can be quite intimidating. You might find yourself obsessively considering your options; slow flier, sport, or 3D. Which one to buy? With so many options and so many opinions it can be hard to narrow the decision down to one aircraft. Fortunately, one of the advantages of the Ultra-Micro world is the wide and affordable selection. For around one hundred dollars (US) there is a large range of possible aircraft. Many of the best looking UM aircraft are warbirds, the class of RC models... Click here to read the whole article


Of Course I Watch the Kids

A study in delicately divided attention

Today was my day to watch the kids. In spite of that, I still made my circuit online to see what's new. We keep a Macbook on the dining room table for just such occasions, so between legos and basketball I managed to satisfy my vicious appetite for what else is out there. I find my tool bar full of tabs before I suddenly come back to reality and close a few hundred. I have a very rigid path I follow to ensure I... Click here to read the whole article


How to Determine RC Transmitter Compatibility

Is that plane compatible with my radio?

We often get questions from beginning hobbyists about how to figure out whether different RC components work together. Here's our very basic answer to get you started. Keep in mind that this answer does NOT apply to DSM and DSM2 equipment. If you don't know what those terms mean, don't worry - they probably don't apply to your stuff.

Begin by making sure you have a controller and a vehicle that were... Click here to read the whole article


Sukhoi Day!

The Sukhoi has landed!

Four days before the Sukhoi was released a package arrived from Hong Kong with a dozen tiny Zippy batteries in it. I had ordered them a month and a half before in anticipation of the release and was happy to see they made their way from backordered status in China all the way to me, though the box was a bit the worse for wear. Instead of 110 mAh they offer 138mAh, which gives me an extra three to five minutes of flight per... Click here to read the whole article


How to Easily Modify the Super Cub for Maximum Fun

7 super fun hop ups for your Super Cub.

The Hobbyzone Super Cub RTF is one of the most highly recommended RC airplanes for beginners. It's a one box purchase and comes with everything you need to get you up and flying, including a sturdy foam fuselage and wing, basic three channel radio transmitter, seven cell 8.4V N-MH battery, gear reduced brushed motor, three channel receiver, and a two blade propeller. To reassure the novice, there's even anti crash technology built in. Flip a switch on the transmitter and the Super Cub will do it's best to keep itself upright and level, no matter what. It's easy to fly, cheap (and easy) to fix, and it looks like a scale model airplane, unlike some... Click here to read the whole article


How to Buddy Box an LP5DSM

Make Your Poor Man's DX7 RC Transmitter Fly BuddyBox

Here are the simple steps to prepare the Eflite LP5DSM for buddy box flight.

Step 1 : Remove the four screws in the four corners of the case back

LP5 DSM Transmitter Back