Come On, Sukhoi

It Feels Like Forever, but It's Probably Worth It

The first time I flew an indoor ultra micro RC airplane from Air Hogs, I thought it would be a million times better if it only had ailerons. I searched every RC resource I knew, from the brains at every local hobby shop, to the wildest corners of the web, to the Chinese importers lists. No one sold an ultra micro with ailerons small enough to fly around my yard. That fact was part of what drove me to helicopters, leading to an entire year of buying every ultra micro heli made, trying to satisfy my craving for a (mostly) safe aerobatic at home flying experience.

More than a year later I heard a rumor on an RC forum of an upcoming ultra micro plane with ailerons. It had a dirty looking name that I was afraid to pronounce out loud. Then a local shop, Jake's Performance Hobbies confirmed the rumor. And I could breathe a sigh of relief, because I had a late April release date, and a name I could say in public. It sounded like SooCoy, but was spelled Sukhoi. The rumors got better and better - the price was right, and early reviews said it flew like a dream. I even saw a video of a Sukhoi torque roll!

On March 25 Horizon put a preview video on YouTube and posted it to their official Sukhoi thread. That's when I really started to drool. But then the release date slipped. The next date announced was in late May, but it's a good thing I didn't hold my breath because the date has slipped again, to June 5th, and now again, to July. April 20 came and went without any relief, and I was thinking maybe I would get one for Father's Day. Now I'm hoping I get my hands on it before my birthday in October. But I'm not bitter, just very eager.

Come on, Sukhoi.

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