Of Course I Watch the Kids

A study in delicately divided attention

Today was my day to watch the kids. In spite of that, I still made my circuit online to see what's new. We keep a Macbook on the dining room table for just such occasions, so between legos and basketball I managed to satisfy my vicious appetite for what else is out there. I find my tool bar full of tabs before I suddenly come back to reality and close a few hundred. I have a very rigid path I follow to ensure I get what I need. I go from site to site, clicking whatever catches my eye. My family is starting to tell me I am boring because all I do is fly.

I started today looking on HorizonRC.com. I have been admiring the new Messerschmitt Bf-109G BNF by ParkZone. This is the first airplane I've seen that looks unique and cool. I like the enlongated nose, the cool little air intake, optional flap kit, and the protruding exahust ports. I always thought the T-28, the Corsair, and some of the ducted fan model are very cool indeed. However I feel they do not compare asthetically to the Messerschmitt. I went to HorizonRCdotCom on YouTube, and quickly saw a familiar face and voice, Jim Booker. I see Jim a lot in the course of my own personal RC school, as I refer to my daily rounds on the sites and forums. I subscribe to Horizon's podcasts, and YouTube page to keep up with the latest and greatest. Jim Booker is always right there witha good explanation of the latest Horizon events and products. After a little looking around I found the video of the Messerschmitt and - click! - I was off. Living vicariously though the first person view called YouTube I really was off. The video says the brushless motor installed on this beast is a new one. I understood this is a slower but stronger brushless motor. The optional flap kit sounds like a fun add on.

After watching the video of the Messerschmitt fly I went back to HorizonRC to look around some more. I was back to an old mission of adding to my wish list. I have been slowly adding items to my wish list for about 2 weeks or so. This time I went to Airplanes. About half way down the page there's a column called Coming Soon. In one of the thumbnails I saw the Ultra Micro P-51 BNF. I have been asked if I am a fan of the small ultra micro planes and helis - and truth be told I like them all. One could say my plane scale is directly proportional to my fiscal RC budget, small, but existent. I do enjoy flying the small stuff though, my li'l Sukahio is a lot of fun, and my DSM2 Mini Super Cub just rips. My MCX probably has 30+ hours of flight. So needless to say, yes, I will be buying one as soon as they come out. I fear though that winter is coming all too quickly. The days are already getting shorter, the fog a little thicker, and the wind a bit stronger.

I am grateful to whom ever it was who thought of offering the Bind N Fly line of aircraft. I've owned my DX7 for less than a year. The memory of carrying aroung 3 or 4 transmitters and a mammoth Costco package of AA batteries is still fresh in my mind. I cannot say I miss any of that mess. Also for anyone to offer BNF is a great option. When I found I could only get the Mini Super Cub in RTF I was a little disapointed. This meant I had to buy a reciever, and servos, install them blindly, and then sell the stock receiver and transmitter on ebay. Shoot, if they offered a Firebird Phantom BNF, I would buy one. If they offered a Aerobird 3 BNF, I would buy one. Horizon, if you read this, please email me when they are available. Converting small planes to fly with better electronics makes some people laugh, but it puts a grin on my face every time. I have amassed a lot of used parts over the years, and a project like this gives me a use for the parts and a new plane to fly. Think about it - you know somewhere you have a servo you're just not sure of, a speed control leftover from your brushed motor days. Parts like these can be a lot of fun and give you stick time that you would otherwise not get. You could also either sell the obsolete stock parts, or save them for something else down the road.

- Dylan Pankow, 2010 - certifiably mad for RC aerobatics - www.rcfunlab.com