McPx is a Flip

Recently I wrote a review of the Blade McPx helicopter where I shared some thoughts and my opinion of the little heli.  In the article McPx Flip or Flop I questioned weather or not I was going to like the new extreme 3D Ultra-Micro heli.  Sence I wrote the first review I have had more than 2 hours of stick time, enought time to get more aquainted with the little helicopter. I am a beginner 3D heli pilot so I would guess I crash on average about 6 times per battery and I just did my first major repair.  Getting used to a collective pitch heli has been easier than I thought.  I can now sucessfuly complete loops and short inverted hovers.  Without

In the last review I state all kinds of problems I had with seting up the McPx and how fustrated I became with my new toy.  Defective rotor head, radio settings, and swash plate problems.  Now that those problems are behind me I have been able to move on and begin my journey into 3D heli flight.  My first CP heli was a CP Pro.  I was constantly repairing it, broken blades, broken tail booms, and over worked tail motor to  name a few.  I have had three CP Pros in my flying carrier and all three were sold for parts because I unable to fly them.  They were unstable and hard to fly, parts were expencive and look a lot of time to R&R re-calibrate.  I have met a few people whom have given up heli flying because of the CP Pro. 

I am new to 3D heli flying so having a UM heli is a huge advantage.  Because of the very low mass in the rotor blade and a low overall weight results in less damage in the eventual crash - I mean hard landing. I crash my McPx between 3 and 9 times per battery.  Crashing this many times on one battery in a micro or park flier size helicoter would not be possible.  After getting over the initial anxiety of flying 3D, getting into the habbit of killing the throttle before contact with the ground, and learning a new orientation (inverted) I am having a great time flipping my heli around.  The most comon thing to happen after a hard crash is the little white gear on the bottom comes loose of off completely.  This is easy to solve though; simply realign the flat spot on the rotor shaft, and the white gear and press firmily.  The little white gear pops back into place and off you go.

After crash number at least 100 the tail boom finily broke and so did one of the pegs on the swash plate. So off I went to my LHS to buy replacement parts.  I was a little shocked at the sticker price but one has to pay to play.  Once home to my repair shop I started my repair by looking throught the manual for the exploded view.  Very quickly I found this was going to be an easy repair.  Sure enough, removeing and replacing the tail boom was simple Plug N Play.  The swash plate was also very easy to replace aswell.  I think the hole repair took me about 10 minutes the first time.  I'm sure if I had to do it again I could do it in 5 minutes or less.  I remember back to repairing the CP Pro, my CX2 and spending more time fixing than flying.  Needless to say I am impressed with the durrability and easy of service.

 Knowing the McPx is easy to repair, parts are redily available and affordable, and the agility level of the aircraft I have become very relaxed and comfortable flying.  The comfort level provided is aiding in lowering my learning curve alowing me to concertrate on flying and not relaxing.  It is a tremendus aid being able to crash - simply up rite the heli and back up you go.  This alows for more stick  time,  improved confidance, and a greater willingness to try new things.  

If asked today if the McPx is a flip or flop i would say it is a flip.  A flip, a roll, or a funnel this helicopter is able to complete these and more manuvers.  It's very durrable and easy to repair.  Getting this helicopter flying was quite a challenge and yes there was a time I thought I would never get it to fly. Well here I am weeks later with a much improved opinion of this helicopter.  I also have the MCX, MRS, CX2, 120 SR, and several other $30 helicopters.  Each one of these has it's place like a rung in a ladder of experiance. I now think the McPx has earned it's place as the rung at entry level collective pitch helicopter flying. If I was asked an order I would sugest learning from, it would be the MCX, followed by the 120SR, then on to the McPx. Although I do think the McPx is a good buy, don't jump in to fast. Get a little experiance from one of the other helis before buying this one.  The McPx is very responcive so having quick reflexes and a good sence of orentation to gimble input I strongly reccomend.  But when it's time for you to make the climb one more rung, the McPx is a good next step.   

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