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Once in a while we write articles about how we do the things we do when we're having the most fun with our RC stuff. We like the idea of answering questions we get asked a lot and putting it out here for other RC folks to use. I hope some of our experience can pay off for others; save money, ease frustration, help people enjoy the hobby, and get more RC junkies truly hooked.

We also hope to hear from other hobbyists who have information to share. Are there questions you answer all the time? We'd love to have you write your best answer down and let us post it here for all to read and enjoy. If you have an article how to you'd like to share we'd feel privileged to receive it at articles@rcfunlab.com

How to Convert the Mini Super Cub to DSM2 and Double the Flight Time

Spektrum Flexibility in a Fun Little Plane

Out of the box, the Mini Super Cub is good fun. It has a 2-channel esc/receiver combo and a stock Hobbyzone transmitter. It's a decent start, but I like to go out in the field with one superior radio - my Spektrum DX7. On a side note, after using mine for 9 months, I'm grateful I waited until I could afford it. The DX6i was tempting me with its lower price, but thankfully I stuck to my guns and saved my dough. I would have used all my model memory up by now and been wishing for a more.

I modified my Mini Super Cub using a Spektrum AR6100e receiver, a brushed speed control, and two 3-wire servos so I could enjoy the advantages of my DSM2 radio to the fullest with this fun little... Click here to read the whole article


Come On, Sukhoi

It Feels Like Forever, but It's Probably Worth It

The first time I flew an indoor ultra micro RC airplane from Air Hogs, I thought it would be a million times better if it only had ailerons. I searched every RC resource I knew, from the brains at every local hobby shop, to the wildest corners of the web, to the Chinese importers lists. No one sold an ultra micro with ailerons small enough to fly around my yard. That fact was part of what drove me to helicopters, leading to an entire year of buying every ultra micro heli made, trying to satisfy my craving for a (mostly) safe aerobatic at home flying experience.

More than a year later I heard a rumor on an RC forum of an upcoming ultra micro plane with ailerons. It had a... Click here to read the whole article


Sukhoi Su-26m CG Fix

The Sukhoi has some balance problems

The Sukhoi and I found some time to be together right away, and the flight was quite nose heavy. No matter what I did it wanted to fall and dive. Very small roll input would result in dive and I would have to compensate. I had to give a lot of elevator trim just to fly flat! After looking around on forums a bit I used the procedure described in the owners manual to check CG (or center of gravity) on the plane and found it way off - suprise!- nose heavy.

It was a shock how VERY nose heavy it was, especially considering the battery packs I use are heavier than stock and I still had problems so if I had flown it as it came from the factory it would have been worse. I felt a little... Click here to read the whole article


Prop Swap

Change the prop or install a prop saver on your ultra micro RC airplane

I am going to cover how to change your prop or change to a prop saver on a Parkzone Ultra Micro Sukhoi, and Ultra Micro P-51 Mustang. There'll be some tips and tricks to look for during your prop change out, and I'll describe some advantages of changing from a stock prop to an aftermarket one.

First things first. Although the motor and prop on the Parkzone Sukhoi are very small, safety comes first. Clear a flat usable area on yuor workbench, make sure you disconnect the battery, and remove all... Click here to read the whole article


Tape your Wing

Reinforce the wing of your Mini Super Cub with tape

I've saved a bundle of money by strengthening my Mini Super Cub wing with fiber reinforced packing tape. You can't see the tape when your plane's on the ground and it doesn't interfere with flight dynamics yet it gives just enough support to keep the wing intact through steep aerobatic maneuvers.

If you fly like I do, you know what I'm talking about. I like steep dives with a hard pull out... Click here to read the whole article