Laundry List

The Laundry List From RC Fun Lab . . .

We have a dream so big we have to build it in stages. But while we're taking baby steps, let's keep our eyes on the prize. Here's our list of some of the glorious features and details we envision for the Dream RC Park of our near future. If this is your dream too, get involved. Show your support by spreading the word and coming to events. We need your help! And don't forget to let us know what you want to see added to the list.


  • Heli Pads
  • Pylon Course
  • Oval Course
  • Figure 8 Course
  • Runways
  • Scale 1/4 mile Drag Strip
  • Rock Crawling Pit
  • Mud Pit
  • Motocross Course
  • Picnic Grounds
  • Boating Pond


On the Ground

  • Drag Race
  • Rock Crawl
  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Dirt course w/ banked turns, suicide crossings, jumps
  • Long Jump
  • Blindfold Team Driving
  • R/C Soccer
  • Demo Derby
  • Slalom
  • 0 mph - X mph - 0 mph
  • Winding Road Race
  • Tube Fun (Very large diameter tube, have the car go fast and stick)
  • Tug-O-War
  • Sled Pulling (Gas)
  • Drag Racing (Electric)
  • Enduro Race (What gives out first, your equipment or your body? - last driver still going wins)

In the Air

  • Spot/Target Landings
  • Learn to Fly / Buddy Box
  • Inverted Limbo
  • Dog Fight
  • Pylon Race
  • Flaming Hoop
  • Hover
  • Speed Test
  • Knife Edge Slalom
  • Tangled Mess (As many planes in the air as possible)
  • Night Fly
  • String Slide
  • Limbo
  • Maze
  • Speed Test
  • Blade Scrape
  • Lawn Cut
  • Free Style
  • Night Fly

Fun Stuff

  • Promotions
  • Raffles
  • Door Prizes

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