Plans & Dreams From RC Fun Lab

The first thing you see as you pull in the driveway is aerial stunts in progress by helicopters and electric airplanes. As you step out of your truck, you get that first burst of fresh nitro breeze in your face, burning your nose. The pulsing whizz of two-stroke nitro motors in the distance sing harmoniously as they whip around the track. Scanning around, mentally going through your pile of toys, you wonder what you'll be allowed to run here. Better check the rules...

Wait! There aren't very many. A long list of vehicles and fuels are allowed, and no insurance is required. A rock pile is staring at you from across the way, begging to be explored. They're open all day, six days a week. This can't be real, you think to yourself. How much does it COST? Um, about the same as a movie and the overpriced junk food that goes with it.

Next thing you know someone's handing you a map and your jaw drops as you read the laundry list of tracks, courses and challenges for every type of RC vehicle you've heard of, and a few you haven't. You can run everything you brought, and even some of the stuff you left behind in your garage. It all seems like a dream until you turn on your transmitter and realize this is the real deal - your dream RC park.

The RC Fun Lab mission is to create the ultimate RC wonderland, where remote control enthusiasts have year round access to runways, tracks, and courses where they can fly and drive a wide array of models. For now we're working on a smaller scale to test the market and earn capital to build the dream. If this is your dream too, get involved. Show your support by joining our mailing list , spreading the word and coming to events. We're friendly, local, and we love the sense of camaraderie in the community. You'll have a lot of fun, so give us a try!

We welcome all questions and comments, so if you have anything you'd like to share, please drop us a line.

Thanks for coming by!